3-Day Beginner Kayaking

Dive into the excitement and embrace the thrill of whitewater kayaking with our skilled and experienced instructors leading the way. Paddle your way through exhilarating rapids, unlock your inner adventurer, and create unforgettable memories in the heart of nature's playground.

Experience the thrill of a lifetime at our three-day Whitewater Kayaking Camp in the breathtaking Wells Gray Park, nestled along the majestic Clearwater River. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure as you navigate through exhilarating rapids and conquer the untamed waters, surrounded by the stunning Canadian wilderness. Our expert guides will provide comprehensive instruction, ensuring that both beginners and seasoned paddlers feel confident and safe on the river. Immerse yourself in nature's playground, as you soak in the awe-inspiring landscapes and encounter diverse wildlife along the way.

Whether you're seeking an adrenaline rush or a memorable outdoor experience, our three-day Whitewater Kayaking Camp promises adrenaline-pumping days filled with excitement, camaraderie, and lifelong memories. Join us and discover the untamed beauty of Wells Gray Park like never before.

  Begin the first day by becoming familiar with the equipment and working with your expert instructors on beautiful and warm Dutch Lake. The morning is spent on a calm section of lake where you will learn basic strokes, boat control, and safety maneuvers. After a waterside lunch, your professional instructors will lead you down a skill-appropriate section of the river where you can put your newly acquired skills to use! Day two and three paddlers will be progressing there skills and learning about hydrology. The goal of this course is to give students enough training and information so they can get involved in the whitewater kayaking community. This program puts emphasis on fun, skill-building, and exploring some of the region’s most beautiful lakes and rivers.



This three-day course focuses on whitewater essentials for new and aspiring paddlers. Family-friendly and appropriate for kids as young as 10, this course includes the latest gear, the highest quality instruction, transportation, and lunches.

ADULT: $699.00 + tax
YOUTH: $675.00 +tax
STUDENT: $675.00 +tax

Minimum Age: 10 years

Class I & 2 rapids

Departs: 9:30am

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Whitewater kayaking provides an exciting and invigorating experience that allows you to break free from the ordinary and connect with nature in a remarkable way. It offers the perfect balance of adventure and tranquility, as you navigate through beautiful river landscapes, challenge yourself, and create cherished memories along the way.


This trip is ideal for:

  • Beginner Explorers: Even if you have no prior kayaking experience, our expert guides will provide thorough instruction, making whitewater kayaking accessible and enjoyable for beginners.
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts: If you love spending time outdoors and want to try a new and exciting activity, whitewater kayaking offers a unique way to engage with nature and challenge yourself.
  • Stress Relief and Mindfulness: Kayaking in the midst of natural beauty provides a sense of serenity and a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, allowing you to find peace and rejuvenation on the water.
  • Memorable Family Time: Whitewater kayaking can be a fantastic opportunity for families to bond, create lasting memories, and embark on a shared adventure that everyone can enjoy.
Coaching Association of Canada & Canoe and Kayak Canada Certified. We aim to enhance the experiences of all athletes and participants in Canada through quality coaching. We foster this through key pillars of coaching leadership and sustainable coaching education. Our coach development supports coaches from grassroots, to professional levels and beyond. Canoe and Kayak Canada values the promotion of paddling excellence, inclusivity, environmental stewardship, and fostering a strong sense of community within the sport.  

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Lucy Thank you very much IWE for an amazing day! You took really good care of us and the team atmosphere out on the river was incredible. Felt like I gained three new friends by the end of the day. Lucy
Warren Forsythe Stag Adventure – 2 days of awesome food, company, guiding and rapids. What an adventure! Loved it. 10/10 Warren Forsythe
Di & Julia Cripps Five fantastic days. Great guides—so friendly and fun, with great hospitality. Very memorable. Thank you! - August 17, 2014 Di & Julia Cripps
The Kenaltys - Mississauga, Ont Amazing group of people to have an adventure that will be an everlasting memory. Above and beyond any and all expectations. Beautiful river, great guides, thank you does not say enough. The Kenaltys - Mississauga, Ont
Howarth family, Cornwall, England Amazing! Thank you so much. The guys were great with our kids and we will remember today. - July 29, 2014 Howarth family, Cornwall, England
Bob Smith A big thanks to the team at IWE! You were the highlight of our visit to British Columbia. Keep up the great work, and we hope to return soon! Bob Smith
The Roxburn Family - Oxford, UK Had an amazing trip with Travis – it was so fun and adrenaline fueled. Thanks for such a good few hours. The Roxburn Family - Oxford, UK
Nic, Terry, Lauren & Alex - UK Thanks for a super experience. Our first family taster of river rafting – perfect for our 12 year old (Catch A Wave) – Crew were great and very knowledgeable and just the right amount of encouragement to get us involved. Thanks – will definitely recommend to others. Nic, Terry, Lauren & Alex - UK
Tracy & Eric - Scotland Buzzing!! One of the best experiences in our lives!! Loved it. Tracy & Eric - Scotland
Helen, Nick & Iggy, Kelowna, BC Thanks to the guys for a fantastic trip! The ride & the scenery was terrific, we'll definitely be back next summer for another ride! Helen, Nick & Iggy, Kelowna, BC