Stairway to Heaven ~ Chilcotin and Fraser Rivers

We've found a way to make your journey to personal restoration not just possible but highly likely… Load some gear rafts and a dory with all the camping luxuries and fine cuisine you could want and join us for 4 days of whitewater rafting in British Columbia’s heartland.

Stairway to Heaven 4 days, 3 nights Have you ever felt like you really wanted to get away? To feel like you were almost out of touch with the world? This may be just the trip for you, and there’s no 12 hr drives or long flights involved! Book Now!
Whitewater Rafting on the Chilcotin and Fraser Rivers   ADULT: $1875.00 + Tax

4 Days/3 Nights

Minimum Age: 12 years

II, III, and iV

Rapids: Canyons like Big John, Farwell and a host of other fun rapids.

Chilcotin River CanyonYou will experience ever changing environments and walk in the footsteps of the First Nations and explorers alike while the aqua blue Chilcotin River cuts its way through sagebrush cowboy country. The wildlife spotting is superb. We experience incredible sightings of Black Bear, Dear, Bald Eagle and the worlds largest protected herd of California Bighorn Sheep. Our indulgent camp hospitality will spoil you constantly and after the first taste of this trip you won’t want to go home… guaranteed! The days are quite laid back and relaxed on this Chilcotin River trip. We don’t have to get you up a dawn and push all day (unless of course you want to!). Its all about relaxing, enjoying the environment and experiencing the thrills the river offers around the next bend!

This whitewater rafting adventure ends on the historical Fraser River. This trip is the perfect combination of scenery, wildlife, culture, lifestyle and whitewater! You'll feel like you have the Stairway to Heaven!!

Local Culture on the Chilcotin River   Dory Rafting in BC   Rafting and Camping in BC

This trip is ideal for:

  • Those looking for a multi-day whitewater rafting and camping adventure on the Chilcotin River and Fraser River.
  • Rafters seeking a renaissance trip, breathtaking scenery, wildlife viewing, local culture, gourmet cuisine, and of course legendary whitewater! This trip takes Royal Treatment to a new level.
  • No experience is required.
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