The Bear's Den Cookhouse

The Menu is Seasonal & Farm Driven……They Believe Locally Grown Product Tastes Better!!!

The Kitchen creates daily features that showcase what’s fresh and what we felt like cooking.
Going on a hike or a bike ride in Wells Gray Park? … they can pack you an amazing picnic lunch to take away with you. They strive to create meals that are unique and different from anything else served in town! Be sure to check out their website to see their menu and other information.

IWE's Onsite Restaurant  


Sit back and recapture the amazing time had on the river and enjoy some home style cooking. We support the local community by featuring their products. Homemade paninis, soups and slow cooked fare. We cook up whatever is in season. Coffee Bar with Cappuccino's Lattes and Tea.

Outdoor Deck   Enjoy a meal after your rafting trip   Kettle Cafe Staff

This is a  great pre or post trip meeting place! After your river adventure, come visit and check out the special's at the Bear's Den Cookhouse!